Sumec UK

Sumec UK is a specialised firm dedicated to the advancement of product development and industrial design, catering specifically to the home and garden sector. As an integral part of the Sumec Group of Companies and a direct subsidiary of Sumec Hardware and Tools Co., Ltd., we possess a strong focus on supplying innovative solutions in this domain.

Sumec UK established its head office in the southern region of York in January 2011. This office serves as the hub for various functions including research and development, product design, sales, marketing, and aftersales support. The close proximity enables us to provide dedicated assistance to our retail partners and direct warranty support to end-user customers.

Our primary focus lies in garden and power tool products, with a special emphasis on advanced technology lawnmowers such as robot mowers, high-pressure washers, trimmers, and saws. These cutting-edge offerings cater to the needs of customers seeking efficient solutions for their outdoor spaces.

In addition to our York headquarters, we also operate an office in Manchester. This location primarily concentrates on design solutions for garments and home textiles in collaboration with Sumec Textiles Codivision. It houses a talented team of experienced product designers and provides account management support to our retail partners across the UK.

Our flagship brand, Yard Force, represents an exciting and innovative range of technologically advanced products. Designed for use in homes and gardens everywhere, Yard Force embodies our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that enhance the overall experience for our customers.

Our Mission

At Sumec UK, our mission is centered around delivering top-notch products of exceptional quality at competitive prices, ensuring utmost satisfaction for our customers. Through the synergy of our diverse divisions, we are dedicated to continually crafting innovative power tools and garden equipment that are accessible and affordable to all.

Our Values

SUMEC's values also encompass fundamental principles that focus on employees' well-being, encouraging them to find fulfillment and meaning in their work. This approach fosters a rewarding career experience and contributes to a happier and more fulfilling life for employees. As a corporation, SUMEC recognizes its social responsibility and places equal importance on the environment, harmony, enterprise, employees, and society. These aspects form the foundation of SUMEC's key initiatives, ensuring a holistic approach to business that considers the well-being of all stakeholders.


Creative thinking enables us to develop innovative products.


We encourage teamwork and cooperation among employees to achieve common goals and objectives.


We conduct business with integrity, honesty, and fairness.


We consistently strive for excellence to enable us to deliver high-quality products.
Infographic showing Sumec's values