About Us

Sumec UK is a specialised company focused on advanced product development, industrial design and supply for home and garden products part of Sumec Group of Companies and a direct subsidiary of Sumec Hardware and Tools Co., Ltd,

We hold strong relationships with our long-standing partners in the industries that we operate in, our core values are based on honesty,integrity and responsibility.

Sumec UK’s head office, opened in January 2011, is based in the south of York, with its R&D, product design, sales, marketing and aftersales functions, providing close support to all its retailing partners as well as direct warranty support to all the end-user customers. The main product of the company are garden and power tool products including advanced technology lawnmowers including robot mowers, high pressure washers, trimmers and saws.

Our Manchester office operation is predominantly focused on design solutions for garments and home textiles as linked to Sumec Textiles Codivision. It is home to a team of experienced product designers and account management support for all its UK based retailer partners.

The main brand of the company is Yard Force, an exciting,innovative and technologically advanced range of products suitable for use around the home and in gardens everywhere.

Our Team

Sumec UK’s executive team are highly-experienced professionals with long standing industry presence and advanced product knowledge. We constantly strive to innovate our products and keep pace with the evolving world around us.

We pride ourselves on our diverse thinking, unity and collaboration with all our colleagues and partners whether in the UK or internationally.

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GLEE - 2019

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